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Anatole Deibler, Last Public Executioner in France
A brief narrative describing the life and work of a very (very) distant cousin.
Anatole Deibler: Part II
In which the story of Anatole Deibler, last Public Executioner of France and distant (distant) cousin, continues...
Anatole Deibler: Part III
Anatole Deibler, last Public Executioner of France, and distant (distant) cousin, was noted for having nearly 400 "customers." Here are some of them.
South Station Faces
Folks seen passing through South Station in Boston, MA.
A little fun with images of technology
Reality Tattoos
A selection of tattoo designs I wish existed, beginning with tattoos for Marie Curie and ending with tattoos for school administrators.
Fisherigible, and Other Fantasy Forms
The shapes of fish, and other things, to come.
Goats (and My Hatred of Goat Cheese)
A true story of hatred, then love, for goat cheese.
The Art of Rare Breeds
This series features rare breed agricultural animals. They are low in numbers but greatly help diversify the genetics of domestic farm animals. Raise some!
The Stress on Honeybees
Honeybees are currently in trouble- and if they are, so are we!
New York City: Real and Imagined
Created for ICON5, the Illustration Conference, this project offers four views of New York City and its unique history and qualities.
I Hate Orange Juice
Childhood memories of health and wellness.
Explorations in lack of sleep.
We have met the enemy, and he is us! (With apologies to Walt Kelly)
Visible Type
Visible type experiments: type as image.
Benton Museum 40th Anniversary
Created for the William Benton Museum, the University of Connecticut.
Happy Birthday Robot
Image commissioned for Marianne Carus' (Carus Publishing) 80th birthday
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